Who We Are

A team of publishing professionals, project managers, editors, designers, sound engineers, and writers. We offer reliable and affordable services for any publishing project or collaboration. Most of all, we are good listeners.

What We Do

We are an extension of your team, helping you solve the problem of having to staff up and then down as you pursue new opportunities. Further, we help connect publishers to opportunities by working with a variety of distribution partners to help drive digital content their way, by offering publishers new revenue streams to pursue. We can handle your needs through every aspect of book-building:

  • Comprehensive Packaging Services
  • Brand-Building
  • Title Planning
  • Market Research
  • Prototypes for Larger Series
  • Layout & Design
  • Editorial
  • eBook Conversion
  • Digital Consulting
  • Audio Production
  • Narrated eBooks
  • Print Management
  • On-Demand Print Solutions
  • Catalog Creation