Book Buddy has curated a network of talented voice actors working in vetted sound studios around the country to produce affordable and highly professional audio files. The audiobooks produced by the Book Buddy team are as varied as our deep and talented narrator pool. We specialize in the children’s, educational, Christian and adult fiction markets.  

The Book Buddy audio team provides expert concierge services—connecting you with one of more than 100 partner narrators around the globe. We manage the project from start to finish, including two rounds of proofing, actor pick-ups, sound engineering, file mastering, and file preparation for Audible. 

Working directly with a narrator to produce your audiobook can be risky. With Book Buddy, you get total accountability, a knowledgeable and experienced project manager advocating for your project every step of the way, and a low-cost model. Learn more about Book Buddy Media.

Audio Samples

  1. K-2_non-fiction_Himalayan Cats 2:32
  2. K-2_non-fiction_Dentist 0:42
  3. K-2_fiction_DontCryWolf 1:38
  4. K_2_fiction_WatchMeDance 1:10
  5. 3-5 Fiction_Creepy Customers 1:38
  6. 3-5 Fiction_The Werewolf 0:52
  7. 3-5 non-fiction_WarDogs-WinstonRufus 1:12
  8. 3-5 non-fiction_JaneGoodall 1:00
  9. YA Fiction_Vertical World 5:00
  10. YA Fiction_Stronghold 0:42
  11. YA Fiction_Picking up Speed 0:40
  12. YA Fiction_Mind over Matter 0:41
  13. Adult_Non-Fiction_Biophilia 1:03
  14. Adult_Non-Fiction_Only Life I Could Save 2:35
  15. Adult_Fiction_GingerRogers 1:03
  16. Adult_Fiction_Extra Girl 2:59
  17. Spanish_Gr 4 1:53
  18. Spanish Gr 1-3 0:21
  19. French_Adult_Jerome 3:17
  20. French_Adult_Isabelle 4:09
  21. French_Adult_Fleurine 2:52
  22. French_Adult_Cyrille 2:56
  23. British_Adult_Just_off_for_a_Walk 1:57
  24. British_Adult_Gingerbread_Girl 1:29

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I’ve worked on several audio projects with Book Buddy and they have always delivered high-quality audio files on time and on budget. What makes them stand out, however, is their willingness to problem-solve and make changes when necessary. I appreciate their professionalism and reliability.

Rebecca Grudzina-MaciasSenior Editor
English Language Arts


Book Buddy Media consistently produces engaging, high-quality, and age appropriate audio and ebooks that we proudly share with our customers. 

Kara Liu
Product Analyst