Educational Content

Nonfiction, Fiction + Curriculum  

Having a trained, extended staff allows publishers to be market responsive, rather than building content to the limits of internal bandwidth. That means growing safely and never missing an opportunity.  

Publishing for the educational market is nuanced. Each title is developed for a specific market—whether that market be curriculum, supplemental, library, ESL, special education, career education, or some combination of markets. The requirements for each market differ, and may include curriculum connections, writing to a specific Lexile or ATOS level, the inclusion of key features such as indexes, glossaries, timelines, maps, and/or infographics.  The titles have to be appropriate for both a target reading level and a target age range, and sometimes these parameters are in opposition to one another. This adds to the challenge of creating content that appeals to readers, is topical, rooted in instructional principles, and safe.  

Book Buddy understands all of this nuance and has the experience to meet the various specs laid out by our partner publishers. 

Book Buddy collaborates on award-winning, on-brand, fiction and nonfiction every season for a variety of demanding clients in this space.  

Leveraging technology, we use collaborative tools to track progress and communicate in real-time. 

The creation of publisher specific style guides for each client means that we are constantly improving our ability to be a staff extension, and by keeping the same internal staff working on your content from project to project, our staff quickly morphs into your staph.  Once we reach this point in a client relationship, we are able to participate in list curation, prototype development, and even new imprint creations.  

Book Buddy project managers create a strategic workflow that maximizes efficiency, allowing us to produce you content for less. We communicate with you every step of the way to turn your concept in a high-quality finished book—on time and on budget.  We can then turn you over to our digital team and help you strategize on how to squeeze the most revenue from your IP.  

In addition to complete editorial and design services, Book Buddy offers the following a la carte services:  

  • Copyediting, proofreading and fact checking 
  • Research
  • Photo acquisition and captions 
  • Illustration 
  • Indexing 
  • Cover design 
  • Metadata
  • Pre-press/layout 

Crowd-Sourced Fiction 

Crowd-Sourced Fiction: Middle, YA + Adult 

Interested in creating a specific fiction title based on a need you have identified? A medical mystery? A YA horror set in the deep South? A vampire romance in outer space? Historical fiction about the Titanic?  

Book Buddy has partnered with creative writing masters programs at universities around the country to build a network of talented, aspiring writers who want to work for you! The process is simple:

  1. We create a writing prompt based on the market need you have identified
  2. We send that prompt out to a group of authors around the country 
  3. They respond in 4 weeks with “Concept Packages” including: 
    • A fiction writing sample 
    • An overview of the book – their take on the prompt 
    • 1-3 pages of the book itself 
    • A chapter by chapter outline 
  4. Book Buddy editorial reviews the packages and sends you the most promising 2-3. If you love one of them, we ask the author to write a bit more and once we are all ready to commit, we execute an agreement with that author
  5. Book Buddy then assigns a professional developmental editor to work with the author to create a work-for-hire manuscript 
  6. Book Buddy works with our publishing partner at every stage of the process, including manuscript reviews, second and third drafts, layout, cover design, and interior design 
  7. We deliver a finished market-ready book in 6 months – you own all the rights 

Pro Sports Teams

Book Buddy works with professional sports franchises and their sponsors to create high quality custom content. We help teams celebrate special events or anniversaries, promote their mascots, and/or their community programs. We also build high-quality team and player profile books.  

Book Buddy understands that sports teams are different than typical publishing clients. We build a workflow that allows you to stay involved in the process without being an expert on content creation, and book layout. We also know that you have very high demands for your brand and the way it is represented. We balance these two conditions and manage your project with great care so you can focus on your core business. 

A Book Buddy project manager is assigned to your book and walks you through every step of the process—providing clear instructions along with a detailed schedule with “Team intersection” points, where we may need feedback, photos, and/or approvals.  You can trust us to handle all aspects of production. With that said, you always have the option to make changes, request meetings with our team, etc… to discuss/edit/brainstorm on content at every stage. Your level of involvement is totally up to you – and all of our clients participate differently. Our service, product, and pricing remain the same.