Book Buddy can help you create digital files to meet any market opportunity. Our talented book engineers and project management team can help with ePUB3, read-alongs, word-highlighting, tagging, .kpf/Mobi files for Amazon, or virtually any other file type. 

ePUB3: What is an ePUB? Why convert?

ePUBS are zipped files that are essentially an entire website. They contain multiple elements, including HTML files, images, style sheets and metadata. Features include:

  • Integration of audio, video, and animation effects (HTML5)
  • Integration to interactive elements such as quizzes and exercises
  • Ability to produce FLO (fixed layout) eBooks and read-alongs

While a PDF is an eBook—and the cost to create one is virtually $0—users are becoming familiar with a more robust digital reading experience. They have come to expect it. The applications towards learning are limitless when digital texts become interactive. Further, digital distribution partners are moving books with PDFs to the very back of the line when it comes to marketing and sales efforts.

ePUB3 Read-Alongs: Is this format right for my books?

Audible, iTunes, and Amazon make up the majority of the U.S. audio download market. These platforms are inclusive—with equal opportunities for publishers large or small, in every genre and age-group. Once listed, publishers sell their audio content using the same marketing strategies employed with print and eBooks.

OD dinosaurs

There is, however, a notable sales gap with the children’s audio market when using these distribution services. Audible sells content in a subscription model, which provides consumers with credits for a monthly audiobook selection. Generally, consumers don’t wish to spend this one coveted ‘credit’ on a short children’s audiobook with a lower list price. Further, listening to a children’s audiobook download without seeing the book (and the pictures) is a less-than-optimal user experience. In light of these factors, audio downloads have had limited success in the children’s book market.

The optimal user experience for a children’s audiobook—and a corrective measure to resolve the dilemma above—is listening while reading. Today, audio can be embedded in an ePUB3 file (with word highlighting for a truly educational and interactive user experience) very affordably.

Book Buddy can build your read-along files and connect you to the distributors who are selling them (like crazy) right now.

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Book Trailers

BBM Trailer Services offer a fast and affordable way to market an upcoming title or series of titles. We offer two standard packages for Trailer development:  

Gold tier: BBM Project Manager will review your content, sell sheets and any other marketing information you provide, including audience, tone, etc… With this info in hand, a BBM Producer will create a fast-paced, engaging trailer using a custom script written by our team of talented writers and approved by your staff.  

The completed trailer will include professional voice narration, music, sound effects, and dynamic video effects (zooming, panning, rotation, fades, etc) highlighting the unique and exciting elements of your publication. 

Platinum tier:  A BBM Project Manager will engage with the client in the same way as with the Gold Tier.In this case, though, BBM will develop a trailer that includes up to five unique, customized “Motion Graphics”. “Motion Graphics” are animated effects utilizing and highlighting your publication’s own artwork.  A ghost vanishes through a wall, a flower grows before your very eyes, using your layered InDesign files our team will animate dazzling “Motion Graphics” to bring your stories to life.