Book Buddy has curated a network of talented voice actors working in vetted sound studios around the country to produce affordable and highly professional audio files. The audiobooks produced by the Book Buddy team are asBook Buddy Media has more than 10 years of experience in audio production, encompassing projects in virtually every genre. As experts in the field, our team has built a deep talent pool of voice actors around the globe with an incredible range of specialties including nearly any spoken language. Genres include children’s literature, educational nonfiction, textbooks, mystery, self-help, Christian, adventure, romance, and more. BBM’s expert project managers, sound engineers, and wide range of voice talent, combined with our unique “off-site” production, allow us to produce consistent, high-quality, affordable audio products. Ask us about multiple narrators, sound effects, music, and podcasts, too! 

Audio Samples

  1. K-2_non-fiction_Himalayan Cats 2:32
  2. 3-5 Fiction_Creepy Customers 1:38
  3. 3-5 non-fiction_WarDogs-WinstonRufus 1:12
  4. YA Fiction_Mind over Matter 0:41
  5. Adult_Fiction_GingerRogers 1:03
  6. Adult_Non-Fiction_Liberalism 4:01
  7. Adult_Non-Fiction_Odetta 4:02
  8. British_Adult_Gingerbread_Girl 1:29
  9. British_Adult_Wise Friend 3:13
  10. Spanish_Gr 1-3 1:13
  11. Spanish_Gr 4 1:53
  12. French_Adult_Jerome 3:17
  13. French_Adult_Fleurine 2:52
  14. French_e-Learning_Nathan 3:07

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