Book Buddy Media is looking for a proofer/editor for audiobooks. Full time hours available. Independent contractor. Freelance position, or for the right candidate we are open to sign a contract guaranteeing a weekly minimum.

Job Description:

This person will listen to audiobooks and e-learning audio, ensuring the audio is correct and accurate to the text, making notes of inaccuracies for the VO talent to re-record. They will also simultaneously edit the audio as needed, cleaning any distracting breaths and/or background noises, cutting/pasting room tone to create necessary spacing, and splicing corrections, recorded later, seamlessly into the original audio.


Experience with audio editing

Interest in/proficiency with grammar, pronunciation, language in general as you will be asked to confirm pronunciations of names/places/historical figures/scientific words, identify typos in text, etc.

A good ear and the ability to focus for several hours a time

Meticulous attention to detail

Ability to work from  home (personal computer, decent headphones, internet connection)

Preferred, but not required: Proficiency with Adobe Audition

To apply, please email with a brief introduction, your resume including relevant experience, and “Audio Proofer Opportunity” in the subject of your email. Thank you!