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Freelance math video script writers and editors

Wanted: math-minded folks for the Book Buddy Media curriculum project crew! We are seeking freelance authors and editors to help develop scripts/storyboards for short math videos. These video tutorials provide support to students and their caregivers while working through at-home workbooks. This project starts immediately and runs through fall 2021, with potential for future and ongoing work.

Authors should be experienced and skilled with:

Math subjects, grades 5 and 6

Math curriculum and Common Core standards

Video scriptwriting/storyboarding

Creating content geared toward students and their caregivers

Editors should be experienced with the above-mentioned, as well as developmental editing, author management, and project tracking.

To pursue this opportunity, please email with a brief introduction, your resume including relevant experience, and your current and future availability, with “Math Videos Opportunity” in the subject of your email.

Interactive E-Learning Slide Designer (Articulate Storyline 360)

Book Buddy Media is seeking designers to create custom interactive slides for e-learning courses. Gain experience and training in Instructional Design using authoring app Storyline 360.

Desired skillsets:  

  • Clean, intuitive design.
  • Ability to quickly learn in-software conditional programming.
  •  Ability to work remotely and proactively, and communicate responsively.

Once trained, designers will need to be able to create a large volume of slides accurately and efficiently.


Articulate Storyline 360 is an instructional design authoring tool for creating custom courses that work on every device. Imagine a super robust PowerPoint designed specifically for building interactive on-line learning experiences.

Book Buddy Media provides:

  • Paid training and hands-on learning using the Storyline 360 trial.
  • Paid seat on Articulate 360 once fully trained, if the work is a good fit.

Hardware and Internet:

Designers will need the ability to access the internet (for uploads and remote communication) and a computer (PC or Mac using PC virtualization software) with these minimum requirements:

Hardware for Authoring Courses: CPU, 2 GHz processor or higher (32-bit or 64-bit)

Memory: 2 GB minimum

Available Disk Space: 1 GB minimum

Display: 1,280 x 800 screen resolution or higher

Operating System: Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Mac OS X (latest version) with Parallels Desktop (latest version) or VMware Fusion (latest version)

To apply, please email with a brief introduction, your resume including relevant experience, a portfolio, and “Interactive E-Learning Slide Designer” in the subject of your email.

Audio Proofer/Editor

Book Buddy Media is looking for a proofer/editor for audiobooks. Full time hours available. Independent contractor. Freelance position, or for the right candidate we are open to sign a contract guaranteeing a weekly minimum.

Job Description:

This person will listen to audiobooks and e-learning audio, ensuring the audio is correct and accurate to the text, making notes of inaccuracies for the VO talent to re-record. They will also simultaneously edit the audio as needed, cleaning any distracting breaths and/or background noises, cutting/pasting room tone to create necessary spacing, and splicing corrections, recorded later, seamlessly into the original audio.


Experience with audio editing

Interest in/proficiency with grammar, pronunciation, language in general as you will be asked to confirm pronunciations of names/places/historical figures/scientific words, identify typos in text, etc.

A good ear and the ability to focus for several hours a time

Meticulous attention to detail

Ability to work from  home (personal computer, decent headphones, internet connection)

Preferred, but not required: Proficiency with Adobe Audition

To apply, please email with a brief introduction, your resume including relevant experience, and “Audio Proofer Opportunity” in the subject of your email. Thank you!