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Origins: Urban Legends

Have you visited the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine? Before you go, make sure to read up on a few of the world’s most favorite cryptids in Full Tilt’s Origins: Creatures.

The Urban Legends series dives into the world of the unknown. The books discuss some of the most famous stories involving haunted houses, paranormal events, and alien encounters. Readers can also experience the origins of common superstitions we experience today.

These high interest/low level books are perfect for any curious kid. In the end, it’s up to the reader to decide what’s true and what may simply be an urban legend.

Introducing: Full Tilt Press

The team at Book Buddy Media is excited and proud to announce the launch of our imprint!

Full Tilt Press publishes high-level non-fiction for upper elementary and middle school students. BBM’s team of writers and editors have worked hard to bring you three series that explore the how and why of the world.

You can follow Full Tilt Press for announcements, more information on the books we are offering this season, and share your love of reading with us on twitter!

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