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Licensed ePUB3 Read-alongs

Triangle Interactive LLC  is a licensing entity, investing in select content for conversion and distribution (non-exclusively) as FLO HTML-based ePUB3 read-alongs with synched word-highlighting.

Sample read-along on OverDrive:

Triangle markets and sells your read-along content through distribution partnerships with OverDrive, Mackin, Apple, Kobo, etc…delivering incremental revenue for new digital products that do not compete with existing products & programs.

There is no cost for publishers and the license is non-exclusive.  We are currently curating content for PreK-8, English and Spanish, as well as high-low content for secondary.  

Click here for the Publisher Guide.

Click here to contact Brett Hodus, with questions about getting your content converted and earning incremental revenue today.

Coming soon from Full Tilt!

Full Tilt Press is a publisher of high-interest nonfiction that targets upper elementary and middle school students (grades 5-8), but is written on a more accessible reading level (grade 3). Full Tilt content is informative and feature‑rich, with an index, glossary, fun-fact callouts, and comprehension questions. Full-color photos highlight short chapters that cover complex topics in a variety of content areas, all with ties to Common Core.

Stayed tuned!