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Introducing: Full Tilt Press

The team at Book Buddy Media is excited and proud to announce the launch of our imprint!

Full Tilt Press publishes high-level non-fiction for upper elementary and middle school students. BBM’s team of writers and editors have worked hard to bring you three series that explore the how and why of the world.

You can follow Full Tilt Press for announcements, more information on the books we are offering this season, and share your love of reading with us on twitter!

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Establishing Value for Books in the Classroom & Library

Educators are super busy. They have a big and important job to do in helping the young minds of tomorrow grow. They often do not have time to be savvy shoppers. So, how can they possibly find the time to assess value when it comes to purchasing instructional materials?

Shopping as a teacher is very challenging. Your budget is limited and you have many students with a variety of needs to meet. Often times, in the rush of buying materials in the break room while trying to eat lunch in under 15 minutes, a teacher will mistakenly look at price and equate it with value.  The issue with this line of thinking when it comes to books and book lending, is that pricing does not tell the entire story. The rest of that story is about usage.

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