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Epic Press is now in its second year publishing “uniquely digestible” books in a fresh format: six related novels, released simultaneously. Epic entices teen readers by beckoning them to READ WHAT YOU WANT. Consider books for your holiday stocking stuffers!

In Prisoners of War, readers will become intimately familiar with the terrors of World War II through four unique points of view.

Tracing the paths of four individuals–an American special operative, a French student, a Jewish resistance fighter, and a Polish farmer–to the center of Hell: a Nazi death camp in the heart of Poland. There, thousands of innocent men, women, and children perish at the hands of the world’s most monstrous criminals. As the prisoners’ lives converge around executions, disease, betrayals, and death by gassing, they unite in one goal: to escape at all costs. Some titles may contain explicit content and/or language.

This past year was exciting, as Epic launched 72 titles aimed at high schoolers. This fall, the new YA fictional imprint has 5 new, 6-title series launching. The best part is that these titles are now available on Amazon as Kindle eBooks, starting at just $1.99 each!