Flash Points is a series featuring 4 books about 4 very different topics, all having to do with moments in time that have had a large impact on our lives now. These are high interest, low level books to grab the interest of struggling readers.

The 2017 Flash Points series includes…

  • Power On: About the rise of technology throughout history and the ripple effects of 4 specific technological leaps.
  • Stand Up: A second look at the Civil Rights Movement and the social impacts they have had on today.
  • Lift Off: Major moments in space exploration. What lead to walking on the moon?
  • Disaster: When bad things happen, change occurs. What was the cause of some of the biggest disasters in the world and how has that changed society today?

Getting kids excited about reading while also teaching them about the world is a passion at Full Tilt Press. We think these books hit the mark!