Photo credit: Elizabeth Rymer

SEATTLE, WA, April 14, 2021 — Book Buddy Media, a multimedia content developer and brand-building consultation firm, has been thriving despite school closures and lockdowns. In a move to scale the business, Book Buddy has brought on long-time industry colleague and creative leader Stephanie Reierson as the company’s Operations Manager.

Reierson has over fifteen years of experience in a variety of channels in the educational publishing industry, including PK-12 book distribution (at Mackin Educational Resources), OER curriculum, ed-tech, children’s book publishing, children’s podcasts, and leadership training. At Book Buddy, she will offer executive-level leadership in all aspects of company operations and will lead an effort to strengthen existing client relationships while expanding services into new markets.

“My experiences helping PK-12 classroom teachers build gap-filling collections of books have left me with a passion for creating resources that represent all voices, ignite curiosity, and support research-aligned instruction,” Reierson said. “I’ve had my eye on Book Buddy for years and am honored to dive in to propel and strengthen the company’s systems, message, and relationships.”

Book Buddy’s business has been in growth-mode since late 2019, expanding their service offerings into picture books, graphic novels, translation, and video content. With a team of publishing professionals, project managers, editors, designers, sound engineers, video specialists, voice actors, and writers, Book Buddy serves as a staff extension to educational and trade publishers with a host of comprehensive packaging and brand-building services.

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect,” said Brett Hodus, president of Book Buddy. “Our expanded service offerings are a direct response to the changes occurring in publishing. A complex landscape requires content that can be accessed in many formats. Book Buddy builds workflows that pull resources from several departments across our company. Bundling services creates efficiency and allows our partners to build affordable content that responds to their evolving needs. Having Stephanie on the team to assess these needs and build programs to support them is incredibly valuable.”

Reierson joined the Book Buddy Media team on April 12, 2021 and can be reached at