The team at Book Buddy Media is excited and proud to announce the launch of our imprint!

Full Tilt Press publishes high-level non-fiction for upper elementary and middle school students. BBM’s team of writers and editors have worked hard to bring you three series that explore the how and why of the world.

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Origins: Whodunnit explores crime and crime fighting by telling the origin stories behind some of the biggest crime organizations in the world and the people and tools who work to put them behind bars.

Origins: Urban Legends investigates some of the world’s biggest mysteries, including aliens, paranormal activities, and creatures like Big Foot.

Flash Points is a four book series looking at different important world moments. These moments, or flash points, changed the world as we see it today through various ripple effects. This season the team at BBM explored civil rights, space, technology, and man-made disasters.

These books are a great way to get struggling readers interested in fun topics. The team at BBM is very proud!