OTHFrom MVP Books, the On the Hardwood series is a winner for summer achievement. The acclaimed series, featuring 30 team bios, is being used in a variety of ways to inspire young adults to read for enjoyment. Educators have shared their positive experiences and professional acclaim. “This series gives young readers perspective and context.  It’s an exciting read,” said MVP Publisher, Scott Blumenthal, “and it’s that positive experience of independent reading that creates a lifelong love of reading.”

“The NBA has been a great partner with us over the years beginning with the best-selling fiction title, Hoop City. Once again we find ourselves thrilled to be bringing meaningful content to an important representation of the League’s fans. And, we accomplish building new readers by featuring content that is interesting, consumable and a perfect fit for summer reading.“  Blumenthal added, “Navigating nonfiction texts is such a critical part of the Common Core State Standards, this series extends critical reading development, and provides an alternative to the many fiction selections that make up the majority of summer reading.”

What do reviewers think? On the Hardwood: Oklahoma City (another in the series) was reviewed by J.B. Petty in the April 2013 edition of Booklist. “By combining action shots and fast-moving, approachable text, Skogen shows how the relationship between Oklahoma City and the Thunder basketball team has grown since December 2008. OKC always wanted its own professional b-ball squad, so when Hurricane Katrina forced the New Orleans Hornets to vacate, OKC quickly offered for them to play in Ford Stadium. Getting this taste further whetted the city’s desire for its own team, and that wish came true in 2008 when the Thunder came to stay. This entry in the On the Hardwood series is one of 30 officially licensed team books designed to appeal to younger readers…. the attractive price of the paperback edition will encourage the purchase of this potentially popular series.”

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