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Junior Library Guild: Fall 2016 GoReader™ audio releases


Junior Library Guild is releasing 18 new titles during the 2016-2017 school year through their audio subscription program, once again featuring the GoReader™ audio device. The device is a simple audio player that is permanently loaded with the content. It is battery operated and requires no computers, downloads or synchronization. “The product, by design, is a single purpose audio player—there are no games or distractions.Read More

Summer Reading? NBA Licensed Series is a Layup

OTHFrom MVP Books, the On the Hardwood series is a winner for summer achievement. The acclaimed series, featuring 30 team bios, is being used in a variety of ways to inspire young adults to read for enjoyment. Educators have shared their positive experiences and professional acclaim. “This series gives young readers perspective and context.  It’s an exciting read,” said MVP Publisher, Scott Blumenthal, “and it’s that positive experience of independent reading that creates a lifelong love of reading.”Read More