ePUB3 was developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum in 2011. This organization is a global trade and standards group whose goal is to promote digital and create standards that help the industry grow. 

ePUBs are zipped files that are essentially an entire website. They contain multiple elements, including HTML files, images, style sheets and metadata—and they can be read on most devices and platforms. Features include:

             Integration of audio and video (HTML5)

             Integration of animation effects

             Integration of interactive elements such as quizzes and exercises

             ability to produce fixed layout eBooks

While a PDF eBook is an eBook—and the cost to create it is virtually $0—your customers are becoming familiar with a more robust digital reading experience, and have come to expect it. The applications towards learning are limitless when digital texts become interactive.  Keep in mind, ePUB3 files have the capability to embed special features and are a pre-requisite for many e-distribution opportunities, including whatever is NEXT.

Most significantly, ePUBs are compatible with Nook, iBooks, OverDrive, Kobo, and most other eBook distribution platforms. They can also easily be converted to KF8/Mobi for Kindle.